UCR Seeds of Change Initiative


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Seeds of Change focuses on providing healthy, sustainable, socially responsible, and delicious menus to the campus and community. The program embraces the vision of the Culinary Institute of America and Harvard School of Public Health to leverage the unique position of universities to advance healthier, more sustainable life-long food choices among students – who will soon be parents and adult decision makers – by connecting a diversity of insights from academic programs and dining services. Seeds of Change focuses on 24 core principles to help reconstruct how UCR Dining Services creates and delivers their menus. These principles include menu concepts and general operational guidelines as well as key focus areas for back-of-the-house kitchen operations. The program promotes transparency within Dining Services while providing food and ingredient focus areas incorporating such principles as seasonal and local foods, placing produce first, removing unhealthy oils from recipes, and providing whole grain options to campus and residential restaurants.

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