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Wedges Against Global Hunger in 2050



For two decades, food policy experts have warned global food production must increase by 70% to avert massive famine in 2050’s projected population of 9.5 billion. This prediction is controversial; the crisis has been shown to be more complex than a demographic model with the proposed technology fix of “sustainable intensification”. The problem and solution’s major assumptions extrapolate the status quo: stable population growth rate, 30-40% of food wasted, and a continued increase in per-capita meat consumption. “Sustainable intensification” focuses on technology, largely ignoring social, economic, and environmental costs of embracing this solution. Consequently, policy discussion centers on technology to increase crop yields. A thorough, catholic interdisciplinary analysis should bring a more realistic and sustainable solution. The conference will tackle the problem from a perspective other than agricultural technology.


With an interdisciplinary team of speakers and participants, the conference, organized by the California Agriculture and Food Enterprise (CAFÉ), will examine the simple assumptions behind the issue as well as the broad array of potential diverse solutions, which may collectively be superior to a single “silver bullet”. The conference speakers and other participants including students, academics, NGOs, non-profits, government, and private industry, will represent the humanities, engineering, policy, social sciences, as well as the natural and agricultural sciences.

After a day and a half of presentations from 12 speakers, interdisciplinary structured breakouts creating a collaborative environment will be devoted to crafting a realistic solution. UCR student-led groups and organizations will have a major role in the conference events planning, participation and in the breakout events.

The results from breakout events will be discussed in a plenary session and the UCR student groups will use the conference outcomes to organize their own post conference panels series discussion.

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The conference event is supported by CAFE, CNAS and GFI

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